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The Cryogenic Division at SLAC plays a crucial role in providing helium cooling to the Superconducting Accelerator. The division has constructed and commissioned two Cryoplants with a capacity of 18 kW at 4.5K each. These Cryoplants were built between 2014 and 2023 and are located at Sector 4 of the LINAC building.

Cryoplant 1 is currently operational and serves the existing 700 m long LCLS-II accelerator, which consists of 37 Cryomodules. The Cryoplant supplies the necessary helium cooling to maintain the superconducting Cavities at the desired operating temperature of 2.0 K. This is achieved through the utilization of advanced cold compressor technology.

Cryoplant 2 has been constructed and is ready to provide helium cooling for the future upgrade of the LCLS-II accelerator, known as LCLS-II HE (High Energy). The upgrade will involve the addition of 23 Cryomodules to the accelerator, and Cryoplant 2 will ensure the required cooling capacity for this expansion.


In addition to the Cryoplants, SLAC has plans for a Cryomodule Repair and Maintenance Facilities (CRMF) in the future. The CRMF will serve as a dedicated facility for working on Cryomodules and conducting cryogenic tests. This facility will provide the necessary infrastructure and equipment to maintain and repair Cryomodules and carry out essential cryogenic testing procedures at SLAC.

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